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From Dumbbells, to Kettlebells, and Bumper Plates, we have the best solutions.
Offering heavy duty commercial and home gym weight storage options.

Superior Custom Built Cable Pulley Systems

Have specific requirements? Then why not build your own cable system! With our fully customizable builder online builder you can choose everything from the length of cable, pulleys, loading pins, attachments and much more and it will be dispatched the same day if ordered before 1pm. 

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Trusted By The Strength and Fitness Industry

The Best Built Power Rack Attachments

The best power rack attachments in the US.

From Concept To Creation We Are Your Custom Fab Shop!

Achieve Fitness & Get Fighting Fit

Custom Car Deadlift Frame for Gorilla Fitness

Top Quality Loading Pins

We Build Strength Equipment for those who take Strength Training to the Next Level! We want to help you gain that competitive advantage!

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Commercial Grade

We use commercial Grade Nylon 11 Cable in all of our Cable systems. Nylon 11 is the exact specification used within gyms around the world. The Nylon Coating is designed to be continuously run over sheaves and pulleys, making it the perfect option for all things fitness.

Efficient Workout

Our ever expanding range is always designed with efficiency in mind. Hence our products are designed to ensure you get the best from your workouts and within the space you have.

Cost Effective

We Truly believe that health is wealth and that Exercise should not be a commodity only available to the upper echelon of today's society. This belief has led us to design innovative and unique products that brings the best possible value to all of our customers and to partner with clearpay.

Hack Squat Landmine Attachment
Lift and Press is U.K.'s premiere manufacturer of custom gym rack and pulley system attachments

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