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Leading the Way in the Home Gym and Fitness Industry

Lift & Press is the fastest growing provider of gym equipment within the US. Offering products for both the home gym and commercial market. Lift & Press can also help with custom gym design and builds or custom-made gym equipment for commercial gyms through our in-house CAD/CAM designers and our HQ manufacturing plant based in Powder Springs, Georgia. From Commercial squat racks to the home gym cable pulley systems its easy to see why we are becoming the US’s best provider of fitness and gym equipmen

Why we are different

We truly believe that in today’s fast-paced society that health really is wealth! Looking after both your physical & Mental wellbeing has never been as important and we are helping home gym’s across the US do just that! With the lowest priced gym equipment within the US and the ability to buy now pay later with clearpay we are doing our bit to get Brittan fit again! 

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Commercial Grade

We use commercial Grade Nylon 11 Cable in all of our Cable systems which provide you with the strongest gym cable available on the market!

Great Workout

You will not get a better workout from any other single piece of equipment! the cable system literally enables you to target every muscle in the body & if that wasnt enough for you then the loading pin also doubles up as a Kettlebell/Dumbbell for some Killer Workouts!!

Cost Effective

We believe Exercise should not be a commodity only available to the upper echelon of todays society and it is for that very reason we look to provide the best price possible on all of our products

Real talk from our real customers

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction! Click the link below to see all of our reviews on Facebook for customers who have bought our commercial-grade home gym equipment!

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