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Lift and Press Brand Ambassador Program


Are you passionate about strength training? Do You Want to be a leader amongst our community of like-minded lifters?

We are always looking to partner with others who are passionate about strength and who believe in the power of exercise! The benefits to training are endless, however as a brand ambassador you’ll receive a few extra perks. To start off with through our tracking codes you will receive 7% commission on top of all sales you drive on our website. You will then also receive consistent exposure to our vast network of fitness specific customer base within the US. All Brand Ambassadors receive their very own 15% discount code which last a lifetime even if we part ways at a later date! Website sales also offer a 30-day cookie window which means if anyone buys something on our website uptown 30 days after you referred them then its another cheeky 7% for you! Most importantly however you will be a leading part in helping our community of like-minded lifters along their own fitness journey motivating and inspiring them to work harder today for a better tomorrow! 

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