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Cable Pulley Systems

The Best Cable Pulley Systems 

We are the leading providers of cable pulley systems which can be used in both home and commercial gym settings. We stock the widest range of fitness cable pulleys from single cable systems to cable cross over systems and even wall mounted cable machines. Utilising Commercial grade Nylon 11 7×19 cable you can be sure that our home gym cable systems are also fit for commercial use and are currently used in over 20 CrossFit & functional fitness gyms within the US & Ireland.

Pre-assembled home gym cable pulley systems by

Out of the Box Cable systems 

All of the cable systems we send are complete out of the box solution. Each of our cable pulley systems come with pre-assembled with a sewn loop attached the the pulley purchased and snap hooks threaded and crimped on to cable which is cut to the exact size needed which means all’s you have to do is clip on the attachment sent and hook up some weights! 

Cable Cross over Machine

Why waste hundreds of pounds on a cable cross over machine when you can purchase our signature cross over equipped with 300kg bearing pulleys for a fraction of the price!  

Fully Customizable

We dont just sell a standard system, we also offer a free custom built service where you can choose each and every aspect of your cable pulley system from the length of cable to the colour and size of the loading pins and offering budget pulleys as well as commercial grade bearing pulleys. All of which is made to order and shipped the same day.

Commercial Grade

We use commercial Grade Nylon 11 Cable in all of our Cable systems which provide you with the strongest gym cable available on the market! We also offer a variety of pulleys some of which are the exact same 90mm nylon bearing pulleys you will find in your local gym. Rest assured our quality will match any found within a commercial setting.

Cost Effective

We believe Exercise should not be a commodity only available to the upper echelon of todays society and it is for that very reason we look to provide the best price possible on all of our products. Hence you can now find many of our cable systems in CrossFit and class style gyms as we offer commercial products at unbeatable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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