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Where Can you Buy Anavar in the US?

Established in 2016, would be the most credibility source of anavar online in the US. The website has stood the test of time and as such has a long history of providing quality steroids to customers within the US.  Steroids US also stock anavar 50mg tablets which are the sweet spot for dosing anavar within your steroid cycles. 

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Which is the best Anavar Brand?

SIS Labs 50mg are by far the most popular brand of anavar available to purchase online in the US. despite being an underground lab SIS Labs provide a premium quality product which is capable of matching any pharmaceutical company in regards to quality and experience. Rhom Labs Anavar comes in a very close second. Despite Rhom labs anavar actually being better than SIS Labs Rhom labs has been copied many times before so it is often hard to know if you are in fact using Rhom Labs Anavar or a cheap copy and its for that reason SIS Labs across the board is considered to be the best brand of anavar within the US. 

Factors to first consider when buying anavar in the US

legal Status of Oxandrolone – is anavar legal in the US?

It may seem a boring thing to first consider as you have already made the choice to go ahead and and buy anavar, however the legality is a very important thing to consider when looking to buy anavar online in the US as it can have significant implications on where you may choose to buy it from and on wether you actually receive it in the post. Firstly, lets get one thing clear, it is 100% illegal to sell anavar within the US without a prescription and should you get caught both the buyer and seller can face legal consequences ranging from a cheeky little fine all the way up to jail time! Hence, just because you ordered it online and paid for it doesn’t mean that you will definitely receive the goods! When you read reviews online there are an abbundance of customers who claim Scam websites as the item didn’t arrive forgetting they are ordering illegal drugs online which most of the time has to pass through customs and face scrutiny at the border! As such, we would always advise trying to buy anavar from US websites as the chances of receiving the item are significantly increased as your local Hermes courier isn’t as bothered about handing you your legal goods he just wants his 68p per parcel, he may however leave it in your green bin without telling you so that you only stumble across it days later!! 

Legitimacy of the Anavar sold in the uk

Legitimacy is an essential but confusing aspect, because its a well known secret that 99% of anabolic steroids are sold by underground labs and would therefore imply they are illegitimate but that simply isn’t the case. Within the US the only way to obtain any anabolic steroids is from a doctor with a prescription, hence when your gym bro says he just got five bottle of the best Pharma test he’s ever seen he is another fool who has fallen for the shinny label and hologram or he just simply isn’t your gym bro! The fact is Unless you have a polish friend who has just brought a suitcase of goodies back from the motherland then near all anabolics offered are from an underground lab so the trick is to seek out those underground labs with the best reputations and even then you need to find a trust worthy source. One thing that has dogged the bodybuilding word over the last decade is chancers copying the good underground labs just like your local market used to do to nike and Adidas! When word starts to spread about a great underground lab who are producing amazing compounds at the correct dosages scammers then inevitable have the same labels and packaging made to stick on their bottles of Shit! One Red Flag to spot right away is the stated dosage per milligram, official pharmaceutical companies who manufacturer anabolic compounds for numerous different muscle wasting conditions NEVER produce a product with more than 250MG per ML and this is down to the simple fact it is near impossible to fully distil anymore than that without the powder crystallising. Now if the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies with all the technology in the world struggle to mix more than 250mg per ml of oil then there is no way Barry from the gym who’s knocking stuff up in his kitchen why his mrs is at work is able to produce TEST500! 200

Quality of Raw ingredients (Oxandrolone)  

The Quality of the stuff you are buying Is highly correlated with the legitimacy! Hence you find a good source you tend to get a good product! One thing to note here again however is you might think the quality is good and you are seeing results but is it really the compound you wanted buy in the first place? Likewise, you might think the quality is poor and you are not seeing any results and therefore never want to buy anavar again, but is the compound you have been taking the same as the one you thought you was purchasing! One thing which has become common practice among some underground labs is to find compounds which are much cheaper to purchase or manufacture and then label and sell them as something else of which you may expect to see some similar end result! Anavar is quite possibly the most miss-spelled anabolic on the market because the raw ingredients are extremely expensive when comparing to other similar cutting compounds like minstrel. In fact anavar can be twice the price in raw materials when purchasing from manufactures yet somehow when your looking at buying 50mg of anavar or 50mg of minstrel they are priced the same to the end consumer? This again is a giant red flag that what you are buying either isn’t really anavar or doesn’t have the dosage stated of anavar and may indeed be cut with a cheaper compound like winstrol in an attempt to produce similar effects at a much cheaper price! 

We strongly advise also purchasing a LABMAX Testing Kit Which allows you to test if the compound is minstrel or anavar, or in some cases nothing at all! Along with feeling like your in an episode of CSI the kits are great to actually ascertain where or not the compound is what it says it is, although it can’t tell you the actual dosage it uses a colour coding system through a chemical reacting so you know if the liquid turns olive-green it is in fact winstrol and if it turns yellow-green you have bagged yourself a legitimate source of good quality anavar! 

anavar testing kit US

Best Underground Labs to buy anavar in the US - Best oxandrolone brand US

SIS Labs has been around for a while know which has seen there reputation amongst the bodybuilding community continually grow. The underground lab is exactly that an underground lab but don’t let that fool you it doesn’t detract from the quality of products they offer and the packaging does a great job at making it look pharmasuitcal. SIS labs sell 10MG anavar and 50MG anavar which are by no means the cheapest on the market but as we earlier stated anavar is not a cheap compound so if you can buy 60x50MG anavar for £30 then that is more of a red flag than a bargain and the chances you are taking 50mg of anavar is highly unlikely unless your source is into selling products are half their market value and losing all of their money!

Rhom Labs is one of the longest running underground labs and that comes with its pros and cons. Seeing as though it has been around for some time that would indicate that is because the market has deemed its products to be of a good quality. However as we earlier mentioned this then also leads to the underground lab becoming the target of counterfeits. As ridiculous as it may seem counterfeiting an underground illegal lab to begin with it can be extremely profitable for those that take the risk as all the hard work of establishing a well known trusted brand has been done for them and they just simply need to buy some bottles and print some stickers and watch the money start coming in! Hence, we urge caution as always when looking to purchase any underground lab make sure it is what it says it actually is and all of that depends on wether or not the source can be trusted! 

Steroid testing for determining legitimacy

wedinos is a publicly funded organisation who hope to reduce substance abuse by offering free sample testing service so that users can be educated on exactly what it is they are taking! The organisation however came under some flack in 2014 and the BBC reported that Steroid users where taking advance of the service to find out what they were actually getting and then to seek out more legitimate sources!! I mean really? would bodybuilders do that? …..well of course they would!! upon a few searches of their database you can see all of the samples which have been sent into their organisation, what the name of the underground lab was, what it claimed to contain and what it actually did then show in the lab analysis. The database states it stoped accepting anabolic steroids in 2014 however upon a search of anavar you can see they have tested samples as late as 2020 and makes for a pretty interesting read as to which underground labs to stay well clear of should you be looking to purchase anavar in the US! 

anavar testing in the uk

Best Websites which sell anavar within the US?

There are a few suppliers online of anavar in the US but again we must reiterate that it is not legal to do so and for that reason the standard methods of paying online are not possible. For example you cannot buy anavar using PayPal that is a fast track to jail time for both you and the website owner, it would be like asking your local Class A dealer in the pub on a Saturday night if he accepts contactless! Most suppliers of anavar online in the US therefore require a bank transfer of payment along with an email containing your order number with proof of payment. This is no different to buying peptides online which we have also extensively documented in our online buying guide - 50mg Oxandrolone

First launched in 2016 Steroids-uk is one of the longest and most trusted suppliers of anavar in the US. The site offers various different brands which is great for product quality as they have no interest in simply driving sales of their own one brand to maximise profits instead they stock a variety of different brands and then the ones which receives most sales provides them with feedback on which are the best to stock! Hence our go to place in the US would be for anyone looking to obtain a legitimate product from a company which has stood the test of time despite the legal issues surrounding the process of buying anabolic steroids in the US. As with all sources the payment methods offered are predominetnly bank transfer however if you are tech savvy and an early adopter then you can also pay with bitcoin and receive a 10% discount for doing so! - 50mg Oxandrolone

US-roids was launched in 2020 and although it hasn’t been around for as long as its predecessors the products on offer are equally as good! Most notably the Anavar 50 which has got some amazing reviews but costs a grand total of £177.84 which might seem extremely expensive compared to the ones you have previously looked at but we’d like to draw your attention back to the raw cost of anavar which can be at least twice that of winsotrol indicating that its final cost to the consumer should be 2/3times that of minstrel “IF” it is indeed what it says it is on the label. Hence finding cheap anavar doesn’t mean you’ve found a bargain it usually means you’ve found someone selling under dosed or fake anavar which was shown above in the wedinos free sample testing service findings published on their website! 

Benefits of Anavar (Oxandrolone​)

Anavar is one of the most sought after steroids on the market and it is not without good reason. Anavar has demonstrated its ability to invoke numerous advantages responses within the body whilst also being considered one of the milder steroids available which results in far less Oxandrolone has showed within the scientific literature to enhance athletic performance through several different pathways

Increased Fat Free Mass (FFM)

Anavar is a derivative of exogenous testosterone hence its a highly anabolic compound which research has shown to significantly increase muscle mass. Anavar however does not induce the bloated type of muscle gain which can often be seen with other compounds such as sustanon 250 and this is down to chemistry. Anavar is what is referred to as being 5α-reduced, meaning that it doesn’t aromatise. Hence, it doesn’t matter how much anavar you consume your body will not convert it to estrogen as would if testosterone levels where seen to be to high and hence why cycles which run high levels of testosterone compounds can see them hold lots of water if they do not also run a good AI inhibitor alongside such as arimadex. However as stated none of this is needed with anavar as it is considered to be 5a reduced and therefore your body simply won’t convert it to oestrogen and that is what leads the muscle gains seen with anavar to be much more lean muscle and thus notable increases in fat free mass occur which in turn set another cascade of metallic events off as you are now able to burn more fat due to having a higher percentage of fat free mass. 

Increased Fat Loss

As noted above any increase in muscle mass sets off a cascade of events where your body is now able to burn more calories due to the simple fact that 1lb of muscle requires more calories to power than 1lb of fat. Hence the more muscle mass a person has then the more calories they burn! However Anavar also has been proven to increase the body’s Triiodothyronine (T3) to thyroxine (T4) ratio. T3 is the key hormone which regulates the thyroid hormone and thus regulates the metabolic rate and the body ability to burn fat. administration of anavar within the scientific studies was shown increase the amount of T3 within the body through the reduction of another hormone called thyroid-binding globulin (TBG), whilst at the same time spiking thyroxine-binding prealbumin (TBG). All of which the research documented an increase in the uptake of T£ on a cellar level. 

Increased Strength

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that anavar is known to increase strength as previously mentioned it is a derivative from testosterone and is considered to be a anabolic steroid and thus increases in strength are to be expected. Its mechanism of increasing strength is predominantly due to the fact it it considered to be a form of exogenous testosterone. However anavar does also impact the production of ATP and creatine within the muscles. It’s ability to increase the ATP and creatine within the muscle cell is what really makes the strength gains of anavar stand out as higher levels of ATP is most definitely suited to those who are looking to increase the amount of weight they are able to lift. 

Female Friendly Drug 

As anavar is often considered a milder steroid due to its androgen ratio and its less toxicity allowing athletes to run much higher doses for a longer duration of time it is also considered the drug of choice for female athletes. The mild androgenic ratio is of considerable interest to woman as steroids which are known to have higher androgenic ratios are also the drugs which are responsible for increasing the gender typical charicteristics  which are often associated with sex IE

  • Deepening of the voice
  • Stronger Jaw Line 
  • More body hair growth 

Hence when woman abuse steroids which are considered to be of a high androgenic ratio they are much more likely to experience negative side effects like; Clitoral Enlargement, irregular or disrupted menstrural cycle, smaller breasts and a more pronounced jaw. Hence when woman are looking to take performance enhancing steroids they should do so with caution and look to find drugs like anavar with have shown to have a reasonable low androgenic ratio and therefore pose much less risk in terms of their femininity. 

Anavar (Oxandrolone​) dosage for bodybuilding

As with any dosage recommendation you must first establish the Oxandrolone is legitimate if you are to ensure correct dossing of the drug. The legitecy is a huge problem for bodybuilders who are looking to run the drug at very specific points within their cycle to ensure they are peaking at the right point when they step on stage. Originally anavar was only sold in 5mg tablets and when it first hit the gym scene bodybuilders would take between 10mg-15mg per day for 4-6 weeks. However as you may have noticed anavar are now readily available in 50mg tablets and this is due to its proving to be a very effective dose when ran for 6-8 weeks increasing both strength and vascularity. 

Although anavar is one of the mildest anabolic steroids it is not recommended to continuously consume anavar for any longer than 8 weeks as you increase the likelihood that you will develop hepatotoxic response,  increased LDL cholesterol and suppress your own body natural production of testosterone through the negative feedback loop which signals to the brain. There has been many reports of bodybuilder taking up to as much of 150mg of anavar per day however again here we would like to draw attention back to the legitimacy of the drug, if you are able to consume 150mg of Oxandrolone without becoming hepatotoxic then the chances are those 50mg tablets your popping like sweet do not actually contain 50mg. 

Anavar Cycle for bodybuilding

Anavar is a very widely used drug and can be used as both part of a cutting and bulking cycle. Due to its many benefits and it can be run alone or together with much more hardcore compounds to create a synergistic effect. 

Anavar Only Cycle 

anavar cycle for beginners the cycle is the typical cycle users would use when they are fist starting anavar 

Advanced Anavar and Winstrol Cycle 

advanced Anavar Cycle The cycle is a more advanced anavar cycle for users who are used to managing risk and side effects of exsoerimenting with anabolic steroids. 

Hardcore Anavar, Test Prop and Masteron Cycle 

hardcore anavar cycle for cutting

The hardcore anavar cycle is only for extreme use when prepping for contest by professional bodybuilders. You can see from the compounds used within the main cycle and the potential synergistic compounds which you can also run alongside that it can become hypertonic very fast if not managed correctly and arromtistion can also occur hence the possible use of arimadex to minimise the negative side effects as you progress through the cycle and get closer to competition. 

Is anavar safe?

As with all recreational drugs anavar does not come without its risks. However in regards to its toxicity and overall negative effect on the body anavar is one of the lowest impacting steroids on an individuals health and when is assessed on a cost benefit analysis is often considered the most beneficial steroid to take. Hence why anavar has gained incredible popularity amongst the fitness community due to its efficacy as a muscle building compound which carries little to no side effects when run at the correct doses. 

In summary

As we have alluded to throughout this article they’re are several things to consider when looking to buy anavar online in the uk each of which provide some level of indication as to the legitimacy and quality of the anavar. Although you might think going with a long standing trusted underground lab will mean you end up with a better product it only holds true if it is legitimate to begin with as well established underground labs in the bodybuilding community are by far the most copied with poor quality counterfeit goods! The price is a very big indicator of what is actually in the product and how much of it is in there, as we highlighted even the lab report testing service doesn’t tell you the amount of the compound found within the item. When anavar first burst on the scene from actual pharmaceutical companies it was only ever sold in 5mg and 10mg tablets hence if you can supposedly buy 50mg for the same price of 10mg from another supplier then the chances are it is simply underdressed or mixed with a much cheaper compound! 

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