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Top 3 Home Workouts during Covid-19!

As the world is changing so to are peoples Home workout habits and fitness regimes! The new normal has seen a huge shift in the fitness industry as people look to stay fit but within the safe environment of any type of home gym set up!! Make sure you check out Number 3 if you are looking for the only piece of resistance equipment you need to get super pumped at home!!


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The beauty of this one… Is that we all already have a TABATA timer on our smartphones! If you are looking for the fastest and most effective workout possible no matter where you are then, you should head right to the app store download any of the TABATA timers and start putting that work in!! TABATA workouts are the best workouts when looking to invoke a high metabolic response in the body’s as the high-intensity interval training creates a massive, excessive post oxygen consumption which results in the body in an oxygen deficit which it has to pay back….. Meaning the body’s metabolic rate can be significantly heightened for up to 48 hours afterwards resulting in the fat burning effect lasting long after the exercise is over!! There is a significant difference however between HIIT & TABTA although they are two forms of the same training TABATA is a specific protocol in which you follow when undertaking HIIT. The TABATA training protocol consists of a 2:1 work ratio and usually consists of 8 rounds of intense work at 20 seconds following immediately by 10 seconds rest!! The specific protocol has shown amongst all of the scientific literature to induce a massive metabolic response by the body as it constantly tries to meet the energy demands of the activity within the working periods………There is a catch however…as with all things that seem a little too good to be true, the training protocol is a supramaximal training protocol meaning that your heart rate should be significantly elevated during the working periods as you are pushing your body to its maximum limit. The benefits of TABATA training, however, can be astronomical providing the intensity within the training reaches the supramaximal efforts that are needed! To end on a high note, the traditional Tabata protocol only lasts 4 minutes!!!!!! and if you don’t want to take our word for it you can watch the short clip below taken from a BBC Horizon documentary of the science of fitness!


2 – Kettlebells


Kettlebells are probably the most essential piece of equipment for any home workout due to the versatility and the potential to increase both muscular power & hypertrophy!! Kettlebell swings make use of explosive power forms of training which forces the body to recruit the maximum amount of motor units within the muscle to generate the maximum amount of force during the exertion of the movement. Couple that with the fact it is also a compound movement which invokes some form of muscular contraction from the majority of significant muscles within the body and then you are talking about some serious potential to work up a sweat…… (and they are also easy to store and hide away so that the house still looks tidy) we also just happen to love the ones promoted by Joe Rogan as they are gorilla shaped to get you in the zone!!

Gorilla Kettlebells

3 – Home Cable System

If you are looking for a piece of hoke workout equipment that offers the same quality as the gym, then investing in a sound cable system is a must!! The beauty of cable systems is the fact they can work synergistically with both of the above (IE strapping your dumbbell to it to use as weight) or as a stand-alone piece of equipment when you’re looking to feel that burn or work up a super pump!!! Couple this with the fact that they can pretty much be thrown up anywhere using the anchor point and snap hooks and can then easily be stored away afterwards in a small draw and you can see how they are by far the best value for money when it comes to resistance training at home!!! As fun as kettlebells and TABATA can be to keep the workouts from getting boring, there’s also something to be said for ensuring that the resonance aspects of you training schedule are not neglected during the current uncertain times!! Even as gyms are set to re-open local lockdown pose a new uncertainty…. One that avid gym lovers just can’t afford to contemplate given the vast amount of hours lifting and hitting new PBs that have already been lost!! It is for this exact reason that Lift & Press cane to exist to meet the need of gym lovers around the world!! The home gym commercial grade cable system has been one of the top-grossing fitness products on the market since lockdown was initiated in march 2020, and it is pretty easy to see why!!! The cable is nylon 11 the same specifications that are used in gyms around the world, the premium webbing loading pin comes free with all orders, and the new black & orange Tricep attachment is as good to use as it looks!! You can see for yourself on the link below and read the 100a of positive reviews!!

Commercial Grade Home Gym Cable System

Here’s a video made by a few of our customers showing you the potential of the cable system and all the different exercises possible!!

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