The age-old debate of to carb or not carb is often completely thrown out of the window post-workout as the consumption of carbs post-workout offer the potential of nutrient partitioning to ensure the muscle glycogen is fully topped up ready for the next session!  The question then often arises of what carb? how many carbs? is there a best-suited carb? and to answer this directly there most definitely is!! Vitargo is a high molecular weight carbohydrate that has been patented internationally to protect the intellectual property (the supplement) as it has proven time and time again to be the carb of all carbs!!! Consider Vitargo as the HYBRID it’s a slow-acting carbohydrate which the body reacts to as though it was a fast-acting carbohydrate!!! To put this in perspective before Vitargo was revealed to the world the Glycemic Index (GI) (which is a scale of how fast your body breaks a carbohydrate down into glucose and thus impacting your blood sugar levels) the highest number on the GI was 99 and it was believed that there could not be anything above that which caused a significant spike in blood sugar. However once Vitargo was tested it was found to have a GI rating of over 137 which you may think isn’t too good but remember when we are talking about post-workout and the replenishment of muscle glycogen this offers several key advantages!! In fact, it was noted in an independent study carried out by a university that when supplemented with Vitargo post-workout 77% of muscle glycogen was fully replenished within just 2 hours of a workout!  Hence when undertaking severe bouts of intense exercise on a regular basis whether that be heavy weight lifting or long-distance running the use of Vitargo post-workout can significantly enhance the time needed for recovery and enable more consistent intense exercise on a regular basis! Additionally, the huge spike of insulting post-workout creates the right conditions for protein synthesis to occur as insulin opens the door to the muscle cell should you supplement with additional protein along with Vitargo this is likely to significantly increase the uptake of protein within skeletal muscle and further enhance both growth and recovery!Hence, when looking to utilise post-workout carbohydrates to increase recovery and growth we have no doubt that vitargo should always be your first point of call when looking to reap the maximum benefit! that’s not to say that other poplar supplements like dextrose cant be as useful but they are not going to provide you with the maximum bang for your BUCK!!!
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