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Belt Squat Attachment for Power Rack: Made In The USA

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Belt Squat Attachment for Power Rack: Made In The USA

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3 reviews for Belt Squat Attachment for Power Rack: Made In The USA

  1. Kevin Heath

    Excellent quality and highly flexible piece of equipment

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and really love it. As you can see in the photo I don’t mount it to a rack but on my leg press (ironic I know!). The quality of manufacture are awesome as were the packing and communications from Michael about delivery. I’m actually tempted to treat myself to the double-sided version of this later this year. My initial worry was that my knees would hit the plates but I tend to step back a long way naturally so this doesn’t actually happen. I do this to make it slightly easier to finish the lift and unhook from a kneeling position. You can also see that I use a regular climbing carabiner with a climbing bolt I added to the belt squat hook up – this just makes unhooking easier.

    Squat rack belt squat attachment
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  2. Joe

    Awesome bit of kit

    Bought for my wall mounted rack didn’t know if it was gonna fit so emailed the guys at Lift and Press first to make sure turned up following week and is a serious game change for training legs core and even some landmine

    Belt Squat Attachment - The Cheapest Commercial Grade Option for Your Gym
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  3. Jay’s gym

    Solid bit of kit

    Amazing attachment for the price will definitely be using these guys again!

    belt squat attachment US
    belt squat rack attachment
    Rack attachment belt Squat US
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We have been a long time admirer of the Belt Squat and Belt Squat attachment due to its efficacy in developing the leg muscles  without placing un-necessary stress on the assisting muscles meaning no dreaded lower back pumps and a potential increase in training volume. The Belt squat is also a must have when it comes to rehabilitation and training around current injuries or niggles that may be present.

The Lift & Press Belt Squat collection is growing by the Day! The belt squat attachments for power racks now come in two models both of which are fully manufactured by Lift & Press at our HQ in Powder Springs from locally 60mmx60mmx3mm sourced steel box section.

The Level Belt Squat attachment is simple and easy to use and is the perfect attachment to any squat rack. The Lever bel squat utilizes a hitch pin to enable the 2″ x 2″ x 11 gauge lever to easily pivot in an up and down motion with a 2″ loading pin welded onto the the construction so you can easily load weight plates.

The 2-Pin HD Lever Belt Squat utilizes the exact same heavy duty arm but is instead fixed with (2) – 2″ heavy duty loading pins to really load the weight on!

The goal of any good training program should be to progressively overload particular aspects or training variables from speed and power to something as simple as the size and volume of the quadriceps. If any athlete is to obtain that goal then they need to ensure they minimise any elements which may impede the maximum muscle development or the amount and frequency they are able to train!

The Belt Squat thus should be a staple in every well thought out training plan from the next cyclists stars to future Mr. Olympias! This is due to its ability to effectively train and recruit the needed muscle fibres within the leg muscles whilst protecting the lower back and core muscles from taking all of the strain.

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle within the body, hence, logic would say it therefore should be able to handle the highest load in regards to weight. However, the gluteus maximus is hardly ever trained to failure as in order to do so you have to also engage many other much weaker muscles within the core which play a key role in stabilising the body when performing the traditional squat movement.

This is what led the best Strength and conditioning coaches to develop and utilise the belt squat as it isolates the muscles within the leg when performing a squat allowing for a much higher load to be lifted and a far superior stress stimuli response in respects to motor recruitment and muscle development.

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1-Pin Lever Belt Squat, 2-Pin HD Belt Squat

Rack Size

2", 60mm, 70mm, 3"

Hole Diameter

1/2", 5/8"

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belt squat attachments for squat racksBelt Squat Attachment for Power Rack: Made In The USA
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